Potatoes, orbeez, water, acrylic dome, steel, copper wires, zinc nails, copper nails, synthesiser, biodata sonification system, speakers, golden disk, oscilloscope

Space collective potato entity grown in orbeez dome, sound produced by the potatoes, picked up with bio sensors.


蜇(zhè) The startled awakening of 17 years cicadas


Cicada shells, Maple snag, soil, sand, audio

Thousands of cicada shells, hung on maple tree snag buried in soil dug up from a construction site. The title of the piece, refers to the Chinese Calender date of 惊蛰(Jīngzhé), a day where hibernating insects awakes, by the signals of thunderstorms. 17 years cicadas, in specific, emerges only once 17 years in mass quantities, to mate. Its cycle syncs with the adolescence period in humans, the time specific appearance and the mating calls that lasts all summer, remind of the nostalgic summers teenagers experience and share, consisting of blasting music and making noises in the fields. Traditionally a  Chinese medicine, the cicada shells can be digested in a powder form to help with the "internal" heat that people experience in the summer period. Once metamorphosed, the insects leave behind this old form that carried them for most of their lifetime, which now bear its form but without its life, similarly as the maple snag, they both become still materials and only its shape of reminisce.

From a distance, the cicada shells appear to be dying leaves, or even the branch itself from a greater distance. People only begin to notice its actual form - of what it is, when actually approaching it. The instinctive reaction of our brain when first processing the image immediately repels most people, as it is easy to mistake the shells for the actual insects themselves. Startled, much like how the insects were awakened from their long hibernation, the piece centered like a shrine, standing in peace as well as disturbances. Takes form as an irregular bonsai, concentrating time, life, land and nature itself.

Audio in collaboration with Hal H.Lewis:


Soundscape sampled purely from cicada calling/sound, rearranged and processed the sound in multiple layers to create a large body soundscape, with a heavy bass to create vibrations amongst the delicate cicada sound. The speakers are placed in a half open space with sound reflective materials applied on wall and on each side of the installation to create an immersive soundscape. The underlying elements to the soundscape are inspired by the catchy pop rhythms and the repetitive disturbance rhythmic calls of the cicadas, to get the audio that ‘stuck in the head’ of the audiences who interact with the piece, similarly to the annoyance of the cicada sounds that accompany summers throughout in tropical areas around the world. The layered sound mimic the waves of cicadas syncing in the wild and the sudden disturbance too foreshadows the thunder season that awakes the cicadas during the 惊蛰(Jingzhé) season.


All around me there are familiar faces 

(2019 - Now)

Variable sizes

Digital photography taken on iPhone, to be printed in a sticker book format.

Worn out places, worn out faces. A continuous series of trying to find familiarity from everywhere in the solitude of "being".

Continuing work for a sticker book to be displayed/accessed anywhere.



ceramic dogs, cake stand, moss, weeds

89 ceramic dogs made individually from the memories of stray dogs I personally interacted with during my year in China. Transforming and visualising the idealistic happy paradise for the dogs by creating this miniature world shaped like a celebration cake, in contrast with the unpredictable sad reality that the stray dogs face.

Where some of these dogs have been put into shelter or adopted, some of them I never saw again. In the hope and best wishes for the dogs, I make the memories with them with a heavy heart, to create a happy, ‘perfect’ world for them.

Close up photographs of a selections of dogs that will be auctioned to raise money.

The following dogs are (left to right): Bean, Auguste, Etel, Diandian, César, Hogarth, Panda, Lottie, Diana, Melissza, Odyssey, Huahua, VIVI, Bruce, Otl, Irma, Jess, Frank, Juandivieus, Henning, Olga, Claus, Lisandro, Terrance, Francisco, Geraldianily, Magdalana + pups, Marcel, Max, and Dingding.

共生 (Co habitation/Symbiosis)
120 x 100 x 7 cm
Broken family styled tables support from 1900s, cultivated edible mushroom:(Oyster),(Wood ear)(Shimeji),(Pleurotus citrinopileatus),(Pleurotus djamor),moss, weed, soil, water,  goldfish, glass tank, oxygen pump.

Found decaying traditional family styled table - disassembled and using it’s support frame as the main source of energy to be fed on, by cultivated edible fungus. Focused around the mushrooms, as they deteriorate the table over time, all the other elements support and depend on one another, creating a full circle of ‘natural’ chain. The aquascape is a half contained, half opened living sculpture, having its own climate and conditions, co habiting and growing in balance and harmony. Similarly to a terrarium, but much more exposed to welcome and become a part of a bigger landscape. How will our remains from now be processed and returned back to nature when this specie is no longer ‘dominating’ this planet, using once a meaningful object from 100 years ago, collaborating with fungus, moss, soil, goldfish, oxygen, concentrates time and uses time itself to create a living, ever changing co habitation system.


Absence of Mind
50 x 30 x 10 cm
Glass tank, lead acetate powder, zinc, copper wires, distilled water.

Visualization of the moving landscape of melancholia in the minds - Melancholy isn’t still, it makes the moving of time seem painfully slow. The crystals slowly take over the tank in the seemingly harmless yet toxic lead acetate solution, its aquarium setting traps and restricts the chemical reaction, isolates it from the outside world, its solitude creates and contains it in its own environment, thereby representing solitude in depression. Zinc metal are suspended through a thin copper wire, with any slight motion, through the vibration of the liquid the pieces are shaken, appearing to be at the dangers of falling. Commissioned for the Freud museum, as Freud believes melancholia happens in the unconscious mind, and art offers an escape from the conscious mind, the work maps out the theme visually, symbolise and embrace the dark subject.

Close up installation shots at the Freud Museum.

200 x 400 x 150 cm
Bread, butter, BBQ stick, serving table

Over 400 loaves of expiring/expired bread collected from local supermarkets and bakeries.
Served with freshly baked bread and butter set out on a ‘last supper’ setting inviting everyone to take a piece of the bread feast.
Donations were welcomed to made towards Oxford food bank.
Be our guest!

210 x 50 x 30 cm
Penne pasta, cardboard coffin, pvc glue

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